Cleveland, Ohio

I believe that your web page is not user friendly. I spent a little over one half Hr. and can not find anything that I wanted to price, Tire and break shoes. It is much easier to be put on hold on the phone until I can get through.

This *** now I have to sit here and make up *** to tell you that this web page is so poorly designed that my 16yr old could make a better web page. I hope that who ever is in charge of your parts and service dept is more competent and knowledgeable than the person you pay to design your web page. On that note I"m not sure I really want to trust your parts and service now.

What can you do do convince me that what I need can be met by your company and be reliable? I will eagerly await your reply while I try going to more user friendly web sites to meet my needs.

Thank you, Unsuccessful shopper

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Try a *** site. I'll bet they can meet your needs. Dude needs laid, BAD!!!


I know there are some nutty people out there .. but you take the cake pal.

The kind of person that is just miserable period.

How the heck do you base their customer service of their web page? There are places that can help you ..


You think complaining on a web board is going to actually be seen by a company? How would they even know this exists? ROFLOL obviously you are the one who needs Web Guidance.

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