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its really funny you people go to pepboys for one thing because its cheap or you think its cheap ever asked yourself how you get cheap work... by using cheap parts and unskilled people working on your car..there is no other way to get it..dont you people realize this....

you can not....and this is important....cannot get cheap and cost money good parts cost money.....the only way pepboys or any other repair facility can work cheaply is to cut one or the other.. you get what you pay for......they dont hire people that are trained on the counter or in the shop if they did it would cost and well you dont want that now do you .....if you did you would have taken your car to a quaility repair if a free tip from a mastertech with 30 plus years experience and training...if you get a price to repair your car and its say 500 dollars and you call other shops and its 500 dollars then pepboys tells you its 200 dollars......ding ding ding a flag should go up ask yourself how they can do it for less WHAT DID THEY parts quaility service ...get it

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This is true of any mechanic shop that's why you go from referral and not chance.


Pepboys is the BOTTOM FEEDER of the Auto industry. Your assessment is 100% spot on correct.

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