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In Jan of 07 my aircond. pump failed. In Jun 0f 07 the aircond sysem failed again & I was told a line & a few gaskets failed (these items were supposed to have been checked & replaced as required when the pump was replaced). Last week I began to use my a/c for the summer season & found it had failed again. Today I returned to my Springfield, Mo. Pep-Boys to have my a/c checke for the 3rd time. I was told that the a/c pump was leaking & required replacement as well as several gaskets & lines for a total bill of over 1,100 dollars. I since all of the parts & labor in my continuing challenges with my a/c were provided by your company, I expected your company to stand by their work. I was basicly told tuff s#$%. The parts & work were out of warrenty and I would have to take the brunt for the whole bill if I wanted the work.

I know a little bit about mechanics being a retired Air Force engine mechanic & I know that if the a/c pump was a quality part it would not have failed. Heck, I've cars for 10 years or more & never repaced an a/c pump.

I believe it was begining to fail last June & your mechanics put a band-aid repair on it so it would make it past warrenty.

If you keep long lasting records, you will see I have been a loyal customer for over 25 years first in california & the in Missouri. I do Not like the way this whole situation has transpired. I cannot see me retruning to Pep-Boys for any reason. Additionally, I will never recommend your company to anyone ever again (quit the opposit)

Michael Amour

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Derby, Vermont, United States #17202

um u might mean the compressor?

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #16990

Pep Boys are the bottom feeders of the automotive industry. Never put your vehicle in their incapable hands.

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