Cicero, Illinois

yes we at pepboys all 18,000 employes are givin

directive to scam 1 percent of the public because

that is about how many complant's about one a month that i get at my store most of the complants are handled and the consumer returns

for more work or parts most of your website complants want everything for little or nothing

madsandiego california parts manager

07/24/2008 bob

and a minimum of what can i say to eat up 100 word minimum but maybe you should get a life

and start working on your own cars starting now

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So you INFER from that 1% statistic that you have a corporate DIRECTIVE to rip off your customers? What kind of an *** are you?


i don't think most people relies that mechanics have a tool payments on several different account upwards of $100 each tool companny think matco, snap on and cornwell a mechanic needs to keep up with also the price listed $45 $75 $95 is the store not what they pay the mechanic that can Range from $10 to $25 if you lucky in less you work for a dealler or have alot of experience 15+ years

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa #26106

Who the *** can afford to work on thier own car these days ? If your not an auto mechanic working in a shop with access to computer testers, hydrolic car jacks and the wide array of other tools nessesary to do the job - YOU CAN'T.

Auto manufactures have made sure that the average joe has to go to a shop.

It's not like in the 60 and 70s where a ratchet set and a few screwdrivers will do the trick - *** i can even see the engine in my car for all the wires and plastic contraptions.

I have a job and just like you I work at least 8 hours a day, have kids, and other commitments, the last thing I have time to do is work on my car - Thats why you have a job!

We count on our mechanics to do the best job because we pay you *** good money - or at least we pay the company you work for *** good money - Auto Mechanics are some of the Highest paid skilled labor there is in this country.

I am a Microbiologist with a 4 year degree, and I only make $25 an hour. I pay my Mechanic $45 an hour and thats cheep, so stop the whining about how hard your job is, it's BS, and quit ripping people off.

Don't tell us we need something when you know we don't. and fix the *** right the first.

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #26012

Take a close look at the packages they sell. Break them down into individual components and you'll see that you pay MORE for the package. WTF?

Do they really think people will not take notice?

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