Queens, New York

Went to Pep boys in Jamaica to change one tire that has bubble. I bought this tire last year and has an insurance .They will give me prorated price.

I told them I want to see the tire first before they put it in. When the tire came I checked and told them this tire year was 2012. I want year 2014 tire not 2012.The guy said all their tires was only delivered Monday. I f I want 2014 I will pay full price.

I said no way they checked the storage and told me they don't have 2014 so I asked if they can give me any discount Manager was not nice. they gave 10% off and 2 hours of waiting just to change one tire.

Never to come back in pep boys. Watch out for the age of the tire in Pep boys......

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: INSTALL A 2014 TIRE NOT A 2 YEAR OLD TIRE.

I didn't like: Service.

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Thanks Pep Boys for cheating me out of my new battery and Warranty.

I bought a used car in April of 2014, the car seller went to Pep Boys and Pep Boys put in a new 3 year warranty Bosch battery so I would purchase the car from the seller.

Six months later the battery went bad.

I went back to that Pep Boys and they said that the warranty is not the battery even though the battery has all the stickers on it. Thanks Pep Boys for cheating me out of my new battery.

Queens, New York, United States #897371

Funny you should mention that. I went into the same store, they quoted a price of almost $400 to replace two tires.

I went across the street to a local tire shop. They charged half that price.

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