Houston, Texas
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i bought an alternator with a lifetime warranty, but when the alternator went out i couldn't get them to rerplace it because his machine shows its good. i took the alternator to two different place and they said it was bad.

i went to auto zone and bought a new alternator for $132.00 and i haven't had a ploblem since.

i guess it was the alternator and now i'm out $128.00 for the alternator i bought at pepboys that was suppose to be a lifetime warrany. i think that's bad business so maybe i'll take my business to auto zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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After having the alternator test bad at other places, I would have requested print-outs and then presented them to the Manager who I would think would cooperate and warranty the alternator for you. Sometimes alternators test fine when they are in the vehicle, but test bad when you remove them and bench test them.

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