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I had bought 4 tires from Pepboys with road hazard and free rotation,they was dakota m/t 40,000 miles tires ,at about 25,000 miles on the tires I took my chevy 4x4 in for a rotation and the manager advised me he could,nt rotate the tires because they was a little under have tread now,he said I needed to buy a new set (4) and consider getting a aligment and new shocks,well I did,nt think this was right my truck was,nt eating tires and I had brand new monroe shocks on it.The tires was well worth the price I paid for them and I would probley buy another set when these are wore out,but I will not buy there warrentys no more,this was the store in Lakeland Florida.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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This is to Mr.Leeroy Jenkins,you can run me down by saying I am not intelligent,and I don't understand the terms of my warranty,and I mispelled a word, Sir I gave 20 years of my life to the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS,My last 5 years I was stationed in Quantico,Va.Good Day Sir,Best Regards,Major,Edwin C.Butler



Until you learn how to spell "warranty," I refuse to believe that you are intelligent enough to understand the terms of your tire warranty.

Oh, please

Yea that's cause we know about vehicles and tires. Mud tires wear differently than regular highway tires. If the vehicle was designed to use that type of aggressive mud terrain, 4x4 or not, it would've come that way from the factory.


it seems that pep boys has a comment for everything.


If your tires had premature and excessive wear caused by bad alignment, this would explain their resistance to wanting to rotate your tires. Tires can have excessive wear that is not always easily visible, if the wear is on the inner edge of the tires from the toe alignment being knocked out by hitting curbs. A lot can happen to a car in 25,000 miles.

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