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Pepgard practices one of the original tricks for warranties: to bomb-art you with excuses why they are not liable to pay for the coverage of the bill by any means .. They frustrate/*** you off so much to get you to the point you want to give up which is what they are aiming for.

THIS WARRANTY WITH PEPBOYS SUCKS BY ALL MEANS STAY AWAY....who wouldn't know that the internal engine drive belt is not a part of the engine. Do not count on ever getting reimbursed, anything fixed or for them to come out of pocket it is a fight to the end.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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I still like bomb-art cause I'm soooo smart




its very funny how people like to make there """"comments"" without knowing that this is not a CAR its a BAJA 150 CC scooter


bomb-art is not a word. You mean bombard, taken from the military term to assault with mass artillery, usually from a distance.


There is no such thing as an internal engine drive belt. All drive belts are external to the engine.

The timing belt and/or chain can sometimes be located behind a firewall, but even that is not "inside" an engine.

Things bolted and mounted to an engine, commonly known as a "block", are "accessories." For instance; when you purchase a new engine - you get the block only, no belts, no clutch, no water pump, NOTHING comes on it.

Having said that; I'm sure they didn't explain that to you when they were selling you the plan. Which sucks and is wrong, but not illegal since it was written in the contract.

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