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Hi. I went into your Pleasantville and had the worse experience with my car than ever before.

I only went in for an oil change. The name of the employee was Erick. I asked if the car could be completed in 29 minutes. He said no.

Then I stated I only had an hour and he stated that the car would be completed by then (he even checked with a person in the garage to make sure b/c I was on my lunch break). Erick was not able to locate my information on the computer. When he took my keys to look at information about the car I was not sure of, I assumed that I was done. I went into the waiting area (only a few feet from where he was standing) and waited for over an hour in a hot and dirty waiting area.

Mind you, with a family with 3 kids who were getting madder by the minute having to wait for their car which was ahead of mine. After 1 hr and 10 minutes I went back to the desk. Erick was not around so I asked another employee who was not able to find my order on the computer. When Erick saw this man was assisting me he walked by both of us and made a comment to the male employee (which started negative conversation b/t several other employees).

Apparently, some other employee had quit early that day and someone asked Erick if he wanted to quit too. Very unprofessional comments continued for several more minutes (while other customers were present and were forced to listen to). Finally, another employee walked by and told everyone that was enough and to get back to work. Then Erick was asked to follow-up with my car.

At this point I was annoyed but not as annoyed as I was about to become. Erick never put my order in because he stated I was not at the desk when he came back from looking at my car. So instead of walking a few feet to the waiting room he just left my keys on the counter (was given back to me by another employee). He never even apologized and basically blamed me for the incident.

So as you can understand I did not get my oil changed at your store. In fact, I will never return to your store for anything again and will tell as many people as I can about my very horrible and unprofessional experience at your store in EHT, NJ. I have had my last several oil changes at this store and never had it completed in under an hour, much less 29 minutes. I was talking to other people in your waiting area and they also have never had their oil changed in the 29 minutes you advertise on-line, by mail and in your store.

Very poor customer satisfaction!

I hope you are able to improve your services at this store so others will not have to experience what I had to today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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So, I am not alone. Few years back I went to a Pep Boys store in LI, New York for a oil change.

No other customers around, so I said to myself, half hour and I am on my way. Well, I was over there from 3:00PM to 7:00PM.

Why? The tech who jacked my car for oil change went home, I was told, not happy with his wage.

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