Tyler, Texas

Working at Pep Boys really is not so easy, especially when you have upper management and corporate people who are not on the side of the employees. Like the other employee guy said, hardly anyone in the company got a raise this year, but the CEO is going to take home about 20 million.

Of course, I understand it is like this in many corporations, but there is no excuse. Many people are underpaid and overworked, to say the least. There is a corporation wide payscale that comes out every year, and many people are paid less than the MINIMUM wage listed on the scale. It is ridiculous how they not only don't care about the customers, but they *** on their employees, too.

Our insurance that they offer is so high that most people who work there are uninsured.

If Pep Boys employees were seen as assets to the company, rather than pawns to rip people off, maybe the customer service and prices would be better. Next time you are pissed off, please remember that most Pep Boys employees are pissed off too, they really hate their job and they hate what the corporation is doing and making the employees do. If we do not sell enough, we are made to look like ***, and the managers do not bonus which puts everyone in a sour mood.

This is really no excuse for bad customer service or overpriced items. I just wanted everyone to have a brief look into the job of an employee.

Most of us hate our jobs, and the fact that the corporation is falling apart does not make it any easier.

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Well, at least the parts department seems to be good


Our Master Tech quit four months ago and not one master tech has applied for the position. That's the kind of reputation Pep Boys has.

So I became the master Tech by default. I have three years in the field. So then they slap me with tons of work that I'm not qualified to do (so it takes me a long time) and have nobody to turn to for instruction (try Google). Then it gets better, they cut the flat rate hours on "engine light diagnosis" from 1.2hrs to .5hrs.

Since that's pretty much all I do, I started looking for another job.

Turns out that I can make more as a Lube Tech at a dealership than I can as the Master Tech at Pep Boys. I guess they're just going to be a tire shop when I leave 'cause no real mechanic would work there.


they are horrible to work for, pay you absolute ***, treat you like you're special needs, corporate greedy *** that should never have their positions and act as if they pay you more than minimum wage, they made me work every Saturdays and Sundays and do not care about your personal life...btw don't know how they legally get away with the service advisor commission system


I worked at Pep Boys for over 10 years - giving them my all. I began as a cashier in high school back in 99 and worked there until 2009 when after begin promoted numerous times to CSR, Parts, 2nd assistant, 1st assistant, Store Manager & eventually Sales Trainer.

I have come to realize 1 thing about the company - they dont care about ANYONE. The HR department there is a JOKE - especially those in the North East division. Instead of HELPING their associates with issues, they find back door ways to let go those who have given their all and loved what they did. It is hurtful to give so much of yourself and do so much for the company - and then be let go the way I was (along with others).

The company will not survive/flourish with close minded *** people in the HR and other departments. Karma - that is all I have to say...


this company was the worst I ever worked for, they pay their employees barely above minimum wage and do not give any raises or profit share...horrible working conditions, total *** for managers....and the executives are raking in left and right..and some even had new Jaguars for company cars when I worked there


I worked for these cheap bastards 9 years and only made a dollar more then when I started. We did this *** survey and were told a bunch of ***.

Basicly the store manager spends his time blowing smoke up your butt and you end up working as little as 10 hours a week. While at the same time the district manager hires his Brother in Law full time at 40 hours a week at $15.00 an hour.

The only justice was that later the district manager was fired.

The store manager ended up hiring most of his family and friends so thats how the cookie crumbles. I finally found a better job and was going to try and keep working there partime but the manager told me it was either my new full time job or work for Pep boys so I quit on the spot.


Did Manny Moe and or Jack find you impissedtoo and ask you to retract your statements? You may not have written them personally, but I'm absolutely sure that is the way you have felt from time to time.

As a Master Technician at Pep Boys, I can feel your pain, and I'm nearly at my limit. Too many "Packages" that destroy our flat-rate labor times, and too many "Free this and that". They can stuff that *** up their Manny Moe and Jack-hole.

I'm making less than I was 10 years ago because of these practices...and I'm supposed to smile and deliver great customer service? Someone want to tell me why I should do that?!


Im a real pep boys employee and i must say i totally agree with what you said even if you never meant it to get out. I am not afraid to speak my mind and let everyone know how *** this company really is.

Nobody cares about the employers....nor the customers for that fact. we treat the customers like *** and they still come back! HA. and another example...I am a part timer who was still workin between 35 and 40 hrs a week.

our "NEW" District manager (which is my ex store manager) decided he was goin to tell everyone that coprorate is changing the way they are makin the schedules and they were going to cut hours..needless to say I went from 40 hrs to 8 *** hours a week. How much bull is that??!!

seriously...and yes...i was the ONLY one that got those type of hours....isnt there anythin i can do about that??? oh and by the way..his name is FRANK GARZA...so call up pep boys and let them know how he is singling employers out and should be fired!


Instead of getting on this website and making false accusations, why don't you find another job. Maybe you are just at a bad location, but the whole company isn't like this.


are you serious? i hope this is a joke cuz if this is really someone from their corporate office then this is horrible!

you have someone from the corporate office admitting to not giving a ****. i really hope this is just a joke, cuz its not good have people saying that they have laughs at corporate meetings about their braindead workforce.

that's real smooth. good way to bring in more decent employees


don't worry impissedtoo we at corporate understand the employees are upset. but frankly we don't give a flying *** just keep ripping the public off and working for substandard wages. and we will never fire you we have a good chuckle at corporate meetings about the brain dead workforce we have out there.

Hellin, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain #27877

I have worked at a napa for over 21 years and the difference between pep boys and stores like kragen is extreme .napa is a professional store, pep boys n kragen just wanna be, they both stink.

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #27380

yeah right.......there's a pepboys pom pom girl trying to salvage a BAD PEPBOYS company

Galatsion, Attica, Greece #26026

I want to make this extremely clear:

This article was written by a close friend who thought it would be funny to go into my account and type everything that I had ever complained about my job. Although I have felt this way, I never intended to make this known, and for the most part my job is excellent, aside from crazy customers.

Please do take this with a grain of salt knowing that this was not written by an actual Pep Boys employee, rather a second hand account of non-true statements. I have since deleted all saved passwords from my computer and have learned my lesson. I apologize to whomever this may offend, as I never intended this to be written on my behalf. I really am a pissed consumer now, because I have my name on an article that I did not write!

I e-mailed the company about getting this removed, but I don't think they are going to do it. Again, I apologize to Pep Boys, all other Pep Boys employees and consumers who may be offended or turned away because of this article.

I will make sure that this never happens on my behalf again, and I would appreciate your cooperation in totally disregarding any information written in this article. Thank you.

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #26011

Pepboys is run by those who have failed or couldn't make it at office supply stores and cheap retail chains. The company is horrible in every respect.

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