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1st: Was driving my car and noticed smoke coming out of the engine bay I pull over and found a whole in my radiator. PEPBOYS replaced the radiator everything worked fine until a couple days later. When I noticed my car started to sputter and smoke. Popped the hood and found that my coolant reservoir was melted at the top stopping water from entering and exiting. I took it to PEPBOYS AGAIN.

2nd: They could not find an OEM or equivalent replacement for the reservoir so they used a universal one, the same one they sell in the store. A couple days go by and car starts doing it again smoking and sputtering I pull over and find the reservoir cap gone; it could not handle the pressure I guess. I took it to PEPBOYS again.

3rd: It took them 4 days to get an OEM replacement for my car. I waited 45 minutes in line just to wait another 20 minutes to pay and get my keys. I drove my car for about 20 minutes and again whoop there it is, smoke and sputtering. This time I took my car to merchants and they informed me that I have a blown head gasket.

dont know what to do any suggestions

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Bad head gaskets should have been detected by pepboys since the first time you were there... call 1800 pepboys and complain hard enough and they'll fix it for free..

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