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We purchased a brand new Dodge Ram Hemi on 8/3 and took it to our local Pep Boys for accessories. We purchased a bug guard and wind guards (for all windows-chrome), put them on according to directions and not 3 weeks later, the chrome is bubbling on all the guards!

Manager of the store can never be found, messages left are never received, customer service is outsourced to India and you can't understand a word they're saying and they fail to report the complaint. Finally run down the mngr and he's ABUSIVE.

Who the dickens are these people and why are they still in business? Pissed off in SoCal desert

Monetary Loss: $119.

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The pep boy warehouse is a joke. I know first hand because I delivered thier garbage on a 53/ft trl.Lots of stuff del.

was bent,broken,not secured,or just chucked into the trucks.You always were always looking up so you wouldnt get nailed in the noggin with a loose tire iron or alternator.Got a special order?No problemo!They get it on the truck no matter what.Bend it-break it-whatever!Lookie here-it fits.They load with pride-all pallets will fit if you hit it hard enough with the fork lift.Ever see a square tire?Head on to your local pb on del day and you"ll see lots of 'em.

They now sell more *** then a manure dealer.Do yourselves a favor-go to the mom and pop auto store down the road and help them stay in business.Bet you will get better quality and service because thier livelihood depends on it. *** pep boys!

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #31520

Mike Odell runs Pepboys, and guess what? He's from Sears, so now you can see why the company is so jacked up.


Bortola, West Bengal, India #30648

Yes, Pep Boys had a great plan. They put most of the small auto parts stores out of business with lower pricing.

Then they start hiring imbeciles at low wages and must give them no training in customer service.

This has been going on for 20 years. It just keeps getting worse.

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