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This is not so much a complaint as it is a question. I was a customer in Pep Boys of York, PA for routine car inspection and emissions.

The mechanic required that he change my standard white color bulbs in my parking lights to amber color bulbs. Just to clarify, my white bulb was a standard bulb (NOT an ultra bright white or LED bulb). All my reading tells me that parking lights may be equipped with white OR amber bulbs. I am writing PennDOT to inquire.

Does anyone have any information on PA statute regarding parking lights? (My car is a 1997.

Parking lights are NOT turn signals nor "daytime running headlights". They are on the same switch that control your night time head lights but are half way between night headlights and off).

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I wrote to PennDOT and received a phone call from then in response. Parking lights may be either white or amber. The PennDOT rep said he would contact pep boys to inform them.


I would think if the bulbs came as standard equipment on the vehicle it should be fine. As the mechanic to should you the the law requiring amber lights. I think you got dupped.

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