Houston, Texas
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Just what does it say about a company when its own employee's thoroughly and publically trash the company?

It says a lot when the company preaches about their employee satisfaction index and then goes about systematically *** morale out of every store and every employee out there.

They hire walmart rejects and office supply store *** to run their stores.

Go visit the Garland, TX store sometime and see the great big lazy brainless retail manager named Porter sometime. You won't believe how ignorant this big *** is.

I will never EVER take my care to Pepboys. They are the bottom feeders of the auto industry.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Well which is it? Did I get fired or passed over? Judging from the stock in the company there is not much competence anywhere in that low rent company.



It is offical you were fired by chris roach. Only a manager that got passed up for a promotion would say the things you say.

I guess you really didn't have your vehicle serviced at forest lane.

You are a loser. Get a life loser and screw your new company up instead of living in the past.

Galatsion, Attica, Greece #26027

If this is in response to the article "Working at Pep Boys not so easy," I, as the author, would like to make a couple of things clear. I wrote a comment at the bottom of that article stating that this article was written by a close friend as a JOKE and should not be taken seriously.

Please disregard any information in the article. I have since deleted all saved passwords from my computer and have definitely learned my lesson. I am not proud that this happened and have asked the company that produces this website to remove in fear that it will affect my job. Again, please do not believe anything in that article as it was written secondhand by someone who doesn't work there and has written about things that I occasionally mention, but would never consider going public about, and definitely not in this manner.

I said this in the other comment and I will repeat it, I apologize to Pep Boys and anyone that this may have offended. I had no knowledge of the article being written until I logged on later to see comments on my other article.

I would appreciate your cooperation in disregarding all information in the said article. Thank you.

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