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The repair shop that repaired my vehicle said wheel lug nuts were not torqued right, causing it to fall off. Damages were broken lower ball joint, rotor, all 6 studs broken off, arm bent. They said it takes time for wheel to loosen, maybe up to several months in some cases.

Pep Boys said they were not at fault because it would have fell off before I got out of parking lot if it was not torqued right.

A few days later I took my vehicle to Goodyear to have checked out because tires were getting worn on outside tread. They said that it was so far out of alignment that it would not register on their computer. I told them I had it aligned when I had tires installed at Pep Boys, they said there was no way it had not been aligned in a long time. They said shims were dirty and hadn't been moved, and they could tell it hadn't been done.

I had them check the other wheels because I wanted it safe. Pep boys had also replaced 2 lug studs when they had put tires on. Goodyear found that the hub was not put back together right, studs were not put in flush and therefore were not torqued right. They said eventually that wheel would have worked its way back off and fell off also just like the other had.

Pep Boys had also replaced studs on the previous side that the wheel had already fallen off, if they didn't put the other studs in right stands to reason those were put in the same. Goodyear fixed Pep Boys mess and aligned my vehicle and guess what no more vibration. Goodyear has put their findings in writing so my next step is an attorney.

Pep Boys has shown negligence and therefore putting my family's safety in jeopardy.   

Original review posted by user Feb 23, 2016

My 17 year old was driving his Isuzu Trooper after we had set of 4 tires installed and the right front wheel came completely off. Good thing he was only going 40 mph and managed to get car pulled over out of traffic.

Pep boys claims no responsibility and will not pay for damage to vehicle of 589.00. WILL NEVER RETURN TO PEP BOYS! I have contacted customer service and put in complaint. I received a call from a regional manager named Ken bates who was a *** and never returned calls.

I called claims dept.

several times no return call. Pep Boys gives you a DEAD END no response service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $584.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Being treated with disrespect.

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Same thing just happened to my daughters car. Both ties on left side were loose and one tire fell off. About $500 later I plan to as for that back as it was due to their negligence, but looking at this website not sure I'll have much luck.


Haha! Somebody touched a nerve!

I love it when people post on a public forum and expect no one to disagree.

It's even funnier when the best comeback they have involves the butt. Loser.


Lol! Don't publish a complaint on a public forum if you are not looking for a response. Just say it in your head next time.....if you can remember the voices are just you talking to yourself.


Touched a nerve huh? Small minds always use the go to reference of putting things up the butt.

You must enjoy it or it wouldn't be the first thing you think about.

Hopefully your son inherited some sense from his other parent but I doubt it. Best of luck with your ***-play.


Piece of *** vehicle. Driven by someone who shouldn't have a license.


Bwahahaha!!! Why do *** people always comment about putting things us other people's ***?

You just sound ignorant. Don't put it out on a website for everyone to see if you are too scared to deal with comments.


When did you have the work done? When did the tire fall off?

How old is the vehicle?

Because that connecting rod isn't where it should be. Just because you had tires replaced doesn't necessarily mean they did anything wrong.

to Anonymous #1116864

I bet anonymous works for pep boys. Probably the one who put tires on and didn't tighten lug nuts!

to Anonymous #1117110

You know you answered as Anonymous too right? ***.

Come up with a better response.

Heaven forbid someone ask a question because they must work for the company!? Just as likely her *** 17 year old damaged the car.

to Anonymous #1117380

You are right the connecting rod is not where it should be it should be up your *** If you don't know what you are talking about mind your own business.

to Anonymous #1117486

Poor baby!! Touched a nerve huh?

You gonna be okay?

Tell your son to quit texting and driving and this won't be a problem next time.

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