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They should never charge someone if they can't fix the problem. I understand that they look at the vehicle and diagnosed the issue.

However I should have just been told that the car needed more work done so they won't do any work on it .

my vehicle still shakes when I drive it then I was told it was fine that's a lie and I paid to have my mirror put on they just glued the piece to the mirror on there which fell off I had to pay someone else to fix itwill not use there services EVER AGAIN!!

Monetary Loss: $98.

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This post isn't very clear at all on what the issue is here, but as XJ stated, a vibration or pulsation has nothing whatsoever to do with a wheel alignment. If the vehicle was shaking AND had a pull, it is most likely a separated tire (aka the belt shift Ace mentioned).

It is possible for a tire to cause a pull but not be physically damaged or defective. This condition is called a radial pull and is not all that uncommon. If the tires are inspected and found to be in safe and good condition and air pressure is equal, rotating JUST the two front tires side to side will often eliminate the pull all-together, but occasionally it will reverse direction in which case the affected tires should be rotated to the rear of the vehicle.

It is also worth noting that *most* cars on the road, as well as *only some* trucks, will have factory provisions only for adjusting toe angle and contrary to what many inexperienced techs believe, toe angle WILL NOT correct a PULL. It WILL correct a crooked steering wheel since it is a self-equalizing angle. Meaning that if only one side of the vehicle is out of alignment while the steering wheel is straight, once you begin to drive, the front-end will steer itself until both sides of the vehicle are out of alignment equal amounts.

The angles that can cause a pull are Caster (a pull angle but not a tire wear angle) and Camber (a pull angle and a wear angle).


I worked for them about a year ago, when the wheel shakes or the car pulls it's either a belt shift in a tire or you only need a 4 wheel balance. Try that and see if it works, good luck because I know they suck.


WHeel alignments don't fix vibrations or shaking. I see so many morons trying to use a wheel alignment to fix a vibration. That's like using an antacid for a broken arm.

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