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They were great before but now they suck! They changed everything around so that now all the services you need is at one desk, sounds great? Mabey to corprate on paper but in reality it sucks big time. There is no obvious place or line to go to for the service you need like before parts counter was towards the back the registers were up front by the main entrance the service desk was by the service bays service entrance and waiting room, that made sence why would they change that? I stopped going there for small items like car wax or washer fluid because i would have to wait in same line behind a guy that needs car service wich takes forever because they have to fill out paper work and behind a guy that needs a part thats difficult to search for.

I would stay away from Pep Boys untill they get there act together. My sister even took her car for an oil change against my advise and ended up waiting 2 hours!!!!! She said they had ten bays but were only using 2 of them. The guys were moving like snails wich i have seen myself. Also beware of there commision hungry employees that jump in your face as soon as you walk in and try to shake your hand and get your name wich is just weird and will make you feel uncomfortable when all your going in there for is a light bulb.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #781907

They shake your hand and ask for your name in order to establish a relationship with each and every customer. If you look up a little, there should be a sign indicating which stations are for checking out.

Often times, they will have ten bays but will only have 2 techs working. They can't fill every bay if they only have 2 techs.

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