Chicago, Illinois
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After spending over $400 on a brake job at Pepboys, I took my van to a real mechanic because it would not leave park when it was running.

Pepboys supposedly changed my pads and rotors on the front.

When the real deal took a look, he told me I needed a new rotor, pads and caliper on the drivers side. The van wouldn't shift because the brakes were bad and a safety feature made it so it would not leave park.

$600 later my van is safe and running right. When I told the mechanic about the brake job, he said they get complaints about pepboys all the time. He said that his shop, which is right down the street from Pepboys, fixes their mistakes all the time.

What a bunch of ***!

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I hope your "real deal" lubed you up. He knew he had a chump when u walked in backwards.

My 14yr old even laughed at the "safety feature" part. Some people are so gullible.


your so full of ***.your caliper locked up which is unforeseen when doing brakes. you don't know when it could fail, sounds like the other guy *** you harder cause all you needed was a caliper exchange,and for 600 bucks he was laughing when you left. he told you there was a safety feature...LOL!

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