Smithtown, New York
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when I brought the antenna to the counter for check out.. the $59.00 price that was on the rack with another power antenna was not honored..I was told it was $69.00 + tax!

when I told the counter man/morning manager why was the advertised price listed for the part was not honored he said it was the wrong power antenna ..(there was only 1 rack of power antennas) so I went to the display & removed the advertised price tag to bring it to his attention & He got pissed that I removed the tag.. so I again asked if he's going to honor the price & only got lip due to me bringing the display price tag to him.. So I again asked what the *** is the price of this antenna ..& he said don't curse @ him & yelled @ me to get out of his store.. Trust me I will never set foot in that Smithtown,NY store ever again..

I've been a customer of that store since they first opened...I've also helped some of their mechanics trouble shoot some of their customer cars that were giving them I'm done with ALL pepboys stores...I think the male counter person @ todays check out should get suspended & or fired ...I'will have someone check if he's still employed there during the week..& if there are no changed then I will move to take this issue to higher levels...

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Uh oh...higher levels! Look out!

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