Nashville, Tennessee

I took my car into Pepboys to change my termostat and antifreeze. I love my car and don't mind spending money to maintain it. Ever since the repairs, my car smelled of antifreeze. I thought it was nothing.

One month later, I noticed that my car was running a little hot. I stopped and noticed smoke coming from underneath the hood. Once the smoke cleared, I saw that the radiator was half empty and antifreeze was still dripping from the area of the termostat.

The next day, I was back to Pepboys. Pepboys claimed that it wasn't their doing and gave me an expensive list of repairs. I took my car and 'ran.'

My advice is to ask around for a good shop and it is worth going out of your way to get it done right.

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Pepboys is a very SHADY COMPANY. Avoid them at all costs.


Yes I also have been screwed by Pep Boys they aligned my front end in August and then I went back in December for an inspection sticker and they said I needed $800 dollars of front end work. Inspection sticker license, It's a license to steal!!! *** Pep Boys CROOKS!!!

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #32784

Did you actually expect a competent repair from pepboys?


Next time look it over before you pay if it's not right tell them you will pay when it's right if they refuse, sue them..

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