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I went to Pep Boys for a new tire due to a flat on my way to work at around 6:30am. I waited for the store to open their doors and i was the first customer at 8am.

At 9:15am I paid for my tire and proceeded to where the mechanic left my car. Upon approaching my car, I noticed damages (white striated marks as if the car sideswipe something with a long crack) to the bottom front end on the driver's side. I informed the mechanic that those damages were not there prior to leaving my car in PepBoys' care. He said he did not know and offered to look at the camera.

He told me to wait in the lobby since it was going to take a "while to log in". Eventually, he called me to look at the feed he had preset. The cameras only captured one angle (passenger's side of the car) of the bay. I asked the mechanic to view the other angles in which he informed me that those cameras did not work.

The mechanic said that those damages could have happened anywhwer. I admanantly informed the mechanic that those damages were fresh and that I was absolutely positive that those damages were not there prior. I asked again about the other cameras surrounding the property and again he informed me that they did not work. He then offered to sell a compound that would at least remove the scratches.

Feeling insulted, I declined. Unsatisfied, i decided to call corporate. They took down my information and a few days later the regional manager called me. I informed him of the occurences as well as the lack of access to the other surveillence cameras.

He said that he would take a look at the camera and give me a call. I asked if I should meet him at the Pepboys location but was abruptly cut off and told "ma'am I will call you back." I had missed his phone call. However, he left a message stating that although he only saw it from one angle...he could not see anything that would have cause scratches to my car and that if it hit the wall there would have been more damages to my car. He ended the message by stating that if i had any more questions, give him a call.

I have called and left messages and there has been no response. Last week sent an email...and still no response. This whole situtation was so upsetting . I even went to the bp gas station across the streer from the pepboys to get footage of me leaving BP without damages seconds before arriving at the Pep boys.

I am simple aggrivated and annoyed at this point. I have attached a picture just a few minutes prior to going to Pep Boys and a picture the moment I went to get my car from PepBoys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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