I went to Pep Boys located on Vineyard in the city of Ontario California. We have a SUV that we have taken awesome care of.

When we took it in no lights were on. After they told me it will be over 1000 dollars to fix the AC I declined and when I drove the car out the light was on. I went back to tell them and the manager said that has nothing to do with them. He looked at the report and noticed that they light was not on when they inspect the vehicle but some how it came back on after they did the inspection.

I had been hesitant to use Pep boys based on the reviews but my Dad has been a Pep boys customer for ever. Please get my issue fix. I dont think is right that I go in to get something fix and my vehicle comes back with more issues. I hope Pep boys technicias are not doing the samething that Sears was doing to altered Vehicles to get more repairs in.

It will lead into a Class Action Law suit, but this is what it looks like to me after ready blogs about Pep Boys service.

Please do what is right and get my vehicle back the way it was. Thank You.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Took. My brakes twice paid over 550.00 and still not working right


they dont know what they are doing and they are greedy to i hope they all drop dead used to take my vehicles down the street told inspect it if it flunks i;ll put most of the parts on well one *** thought he would get slick told me my frame was rotting away how come two other shops said the guy was a dip you see you can take your vehicle to three different shops for inspection and you going to get three different answers on what it needs it pay to be *** then you don;t get pissed on the other knowledge is power gt.


Lmao, sure good story buddy!

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