I went to pep boys svc center and got an oil change. Forgot my phone so i returned to pick it up from the shop.

When i returned i noticed an oil spot on my driveway. I climbed under my car and noticed the boot on my cv joint had been torn and was dripping fluid. It was the boot on the side where my oil filter was. I remembered how the guy changing the oil grabbed at it for leverage.

After the customer svc man denied me any satisfaction i spoke to the mgr. After that, i spoke to the district manager. He interupted me as i started to speak. Tilted his shoulder to let me see his badge saying " i been working on cars for thity years, i never heard of such a thing!" I asked if he was gonna allow me to finish speaking or if we should end the conversation.

He said this conversation is over. I hadnt even finished a sentence. *** poor pep boys!!! As a prefered customer who used his fifteen dollar rewards card to pay for the thirty dollar oil change.

Im through. Seems customers should be heard out not herded away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $546.

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