Overland Park, Kansas

I agree, I am sick of India people coming here with their rude and nasty attitudes and habits. India people will throw a white person under the bus in a heartbeat to a black and vice versa because we all talk about how they do that!!!

They are also dangerous...after all...their group bears "al quaida".

They are here in our country and complaining about blacks and whites all over the place. Then our govt and companies deny us jobs and outsource the jobs to India people and Mexicans....Mexicans need to be deported and it is treasonistic for illegals to be coming here and going to college on our money.....white and black kids cannot do this and lets not talk about how unfair this country has been to NAtive Americans!!!!And woe on any state who gets a Mexican or Al quaida Indian for govenor or any other office....surely we cannot be this blind!!!!!!!

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typical white person complaining about the world. cool story bro.


What a fool!!


a. You're a racist

b. It's spelled Al Queda, so you're a *** racist.

c. Al Queda is made up of some Middle Eastern people, not Indians. So, you're an ignorant *** racist.

..I think I'll just leave it at that.

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