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I was a true pep boys customer for three years and they used to really take care of me ( or so I thought). Any time I had a problem with my Impala I would drive it clear across town just to take it to them to look at.

Up until about 3 months ago I started having a lot of problems with pepboys. Every trip to pep boys started to cost me over a grand each time. They messed up my alignment and after buying new rims and tires 11 months before that, I had to buy a whole new four tires because my alignment was off and it ruined the tires within a month. Previously to buying the tires I went back three times letting them know that the car was still pulling and had a shimmy in the steering wheel.

After each time they told me nothing was wrong with the alignment and if I had any other problems to just come back. Me being the person I am, I trusted them AGAIN. I bought the tires and had them do some more work on the car. I was back not even a month later for more work.

It started to feel like everything was falling apart under my hood. After taking it back again to have it looked over they told me that I had a leak and for only $1,300.00 I could have them fix it. That was my last straw! I stormed out and got a second opinion.

Thank god I did that because that week I was ready to trade in my car and buy a new one. I found out from my second opinion that a lot of the work that Pep boys did was not done correctly or was not done at all! Because of all the lies and "fixes" I spend over 5 grand this year on my car alone.

And if that wasn't bad enough, when i met boyfriend I recommend him to go the pep boys and now he is going through the same issues. We learned with my experiences and now his that we will NEVER go back to Pep boy's again.

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well the problem was mentioned in the second line of this complaint!!! you own an impala...ahhh haaaa you ***


Maybe someone can get some former employees or someone currently employed by them to blow the whistle on them and then maybe a class action law suit will fix them.

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