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I bought 4 brand new tires from pepboys in Howell New Jersey this past November. These tires supposedly came with a 100,000 mile warranty.

Ok great so if anything happens I will be covered... Not so fast....So on the way home from work thursday as I arrived home I hear a hissing noise comming from my back tire, Yup I got a flat...This morning I bring my car to pepBoys thinking i would get my tire fixed free of charge under the warranty. Well thats a joke, The first guy I talked to said it will be covered under warranty and it will be no charge to me.. Then about a hour later I get called up to the desk and im told i will have to buy a new tire, So what kind of warranty is that...

Its not one... I will tell everyone I know not to go to Pep Boys.. Maybe they should stand behind there warranty... because thats why I bought them in tjhe first place...

Pepboys you got $100 out of me today but you lost a customer for life.... Dumbos

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Hi what was the brand name of the tire and did you purchase road hazard as all tire manufactures cover mileage and defects only the sad part is you are right that Pepboys is a joke, as they should of informed you what is covered and what is not covered as i know for a fact you were not told this cause they just wanted to make a sale a long with meeting the quota.

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