Orlando, Florida
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1. Ive been promised a rebate check, still waiting since march. The old "check is in the mail" srory.

2. I bought a set of four tires. Within a month, two had blown - destroyed.

If and when rebate arrives, it will only cover the cost of one replaced tire. (Wal-Mart.) I now have to wonder if another will blow at any time.

This causes a sense of insecurity when driving, and I do not like it!

3. I bought these tires at the Louisville, Ky Pep Boys. (Pop Boys). I wont be going back anytime soon.

I am greatly disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

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The rebate form explains 8 - 12 weeks turn around, so this month is still within time frame. In order to qualify for the rebate you had to have bought the roadhazard warranty, so your blown tires are covered.

The odds of tires blowing are very low, unless your shocks / struts are bad or your tire pressure is too high, tires can blow due to them bouncing at high speeds. We have all see those cars flying by with the basketball tires.Finaly, tire blow outs are responsible for 3% of accidents out in the road, so I would say that your safety concern doesnt rest on that, drive carefuly.

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