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I thought Grismer's had caused a brake fluid leak on our Nissan Quest during an oil change two weeks earlier. Hence, I decided yesterday to take my Hyundai Accent to Pep Boys on Springboro Pike, hoping they would do a straightforward oil change in a reasonable time.

They gave me a 10 am appointment for the oil change. To me, this would mean that my car would be taken into the garage floor shortly after 10 am, and perhaps the job would be completed in about an hour or so.

I had other appointments set up after 12 noon, and was confident I would be out of Pep Boys long before that.

Believe it or not, I sat inside the shop for a painfully long time; I even got out and took a long walk through the aisles in the neighboring GFS food store. Soon it was past 12 noon, and I noticed my car was still sitting in the parking lot, doors locked. At this point I walked to the front desk and complained about the delay. They demonstrated confusion about the task at hand and the paperwork, and also a complete disregard for my sitting there with nothing getting done. They simply told me they were going to get it done.

Another hour went by. Around 1 pm, I finally went to the desk and asked for my key back. The shop simply pulled the key off the wall, handed it to me, and tore up their work sheet. No apologies, no regrets, no explanations, no assurance about getting a job done for which they had given an appointment in advance.

This is criminal negligence of work, extreme discourtesy, and unbelievable overall incompetence. After 3 wasted hours, I drove my car from the Pep Boys lot and went to Grismer's- a garage I was trying to avoid. Grismer's at least took my car in without any appointment, and got the oil change done in 45 minutes.

Grade for Pep Boys: *** .

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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2298 Ritner St.

Philadelphia, PA 19145

Same problem here:

Tuesday I went there around 10 AM for an oil change service worth of $79.99

The Service consultant (Dom) said the procedure will take around 45 minutes.

But until 11:15 my car still at parking lot and he said I am next but no guarantee when they will start with my car.

So I asked him about Wednesday schedule around 9:30 - 10:00 AM, and he said it will guarantee my spot on that time. So I conform that window time and he said its all set up for tomorrow (Wednesday).

And today on Wednesday, I was there from 9:15 AM waiting in line.

At 9:30 I got on their desk and someone else assist me and he said he cannot find my paper work. He send me to Dom, and Dom immediately send me to other person.

The other person check on his computer and said I got no scheduled appointment.

What gives ?

I said: just forget it and start to leave.

He call me back and said that the oil change still can be done.

I asked him: can you do it right away?

His respond: no, because you don't have the appointment.

and even if you have appointment, it only guarantee you the spot,

but not guarantee we will do it right away.

That was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.

I already spend 1.5 hour on Tuesday for nothing and honestly I don't want to waste another 1.5 hours or more today without knowing what it will gonna be.

I do have APPOINTMENT, it was PEPBOYS guy who screwed it up.

What is the point of guarantee the spot if they cannot do it right away,

why not just say guarantee parking space in the parking lot until we decided we are ready.

And their manager just sit and doing nothing inside his booth behind the service desk. Really disappoint.

Where is the 45 minutes or free oil change that I used to love.

Pep Boys just lost onether costumer for good.


unhappy costumer.

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