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I recived a visa card in the mail and i turned it on but went to the store to used it and was declined i called the 1866-964-4646 number to get help but it seems they can't handled the problem, it would have been better for you to have sent me a check as you have done in the past, that way i do not have to deal with people who do not understand how to deal with customers my name is Will Barkley 154 Lyndhurst Rochester New York 14605 you can contact me back if need so.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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:grin :x


So we recieved our checks today and we tryed going and cashing them but everywhere we have gone they say insufficient funds. This has happened with many employees already.


Don't pay attention to the poster "Me". Apparently he has no life, doesn't know what a class action suit is and doesn't know the proper usage of the word "too".

Grammar lesson for "Me": The correct word in this case is "to".

Go back to elementary school! Sheesh!!


Mine was a rebate for Hankook Tires. I waited over four months and nothing came.

Luckily, I did save a copy of everything I sent in. I called the number on the rebate form, told them I did not receive it. They say they checked their system and it somehow "knew" it had been lost in the mail. They reissued it.

I activated it using the instuctions that came with it. No problems using it. Keep copies, follow up, because they are just begging for any way to not have to give the rebate out. But they must - as long as you do everything right and document it.

And remember to activate the card when it comes. Maybe that's why some people had problems.


Same deal on the visa card, useless and can't be used!!!!


oh yeah sue for 10 dollars...your life is lame and if you followed up when you were supposed too you would get your money you idiots...


Several months ago there was a Prestone special with a rebate. I sent in all the forms, receipt and the silver tops to get a money back.

It never showed up.

Any body else get no response? Maybe a class action suit naming Pep Boys and Preston will get our money .javascript:ac_smilie(':eek')

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