Oak Forest, Illinois

I live near chicago..I went to pep boys because my old mechanic screwed me good..He put in a new battery another part for 600.00 i car would not start the next day..I call pepboys and told them what happen..They put in another battery and said that was the problem..I told them in no nice terms that was what my x mech did and it would not start the next day..well the next day my car would not start I call pepboys and they said have it towed in and they would rechecked it..and they would charge me again..i had to call headquarters and get a refund...

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Replacement.

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Problems with the starting system can be intermittent, like all electrical systems, get a clue!!!


USA there is no room for :cry fix the car get on with your productive life.What is done is done keep on spending good for the economy

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