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These guys should change their company name to *** Boys.

The first time I went there to get a new set of tires, things went very well and I thought, great, I'll bring the car back for other services as needed, what a bad decision that was...

Scenario one

I brought the car in for a "tire pressure low" indicator warning on my dash to get it looked at and taken care of, I let them know that I would be waiting in the waiting area until they were done with it. 5 hours later, no wod despite checking more than a few times. Finally after 5 hours, I check again and the clerk behind the desk tells me my car was read almost three hours ago and that they had called and left a message at my home to let me know, I told the guy that I had been sitting in their waiting area the entire time and he looked at me like "so what" and asked me to sign the paperwork and go get my car, I told him I wasn't signing anything until I walked out and looked at it to make sure that the work had been done, whereupon the "manager" came up to me, looked at me and said "we're backed up and some of these guys haven't even had their lunch yet.

" I responded with "Am I supposed to feel bad because you can't properly staff a shift?" He looked at mw non-plussed, we went out to the car, I made sure that the light was off on my dash, signed the paper, took my copy and left.

Scenario two

Again went to these guys because "tire pressure low" sensor went off on my dash and this time waited while two very cute young things were given service in an almost empty store, I though not much of it, waited my turn and went up to the clerk when it was my turn. I explained what the problem was and was told that they were only taking appointments (It's a good thing I didn't roll into the lot with my engine burning or anything, I'm afraid to think what might have happened). I registered a complaint with the "manager" (a different one this time) and got the same response. Frustrated, I left, got in my car and immediately called their customer service department to explain what had just happened and got the following, after telling the representative 1. what store I was calling about, 2. what service I was asking about and 3. what just happened, he stated that he would escalate it to the "area manager". He then proceeded to ask me the following questions 1. which store was I calling about? 2. what sort of service had I been trying to get? I hung up out of pre frustration, took my car to the nearest dealership and got the help I needed with little fuss.


There may in fact be good Pep Boys locations where you can expect professional customer service and competent workmanship, but the San Carlos CA location doesn't appear to be one of them and don't bother trying to call "customer service" because they in my opinion appear to have their heads up their collective A@##s.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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