Reston, Virginia
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I was in need of two tires for my SUV, I called first few others stores and they didn't have my size , so finnally I called the store located at

760 S. State Rd 7 in Hollywood Florida, the employee Daniel Consuegra took time to help me on the phone and when I got there he was very helpfull, even with the waiting.

he should get a letter of reconmendation for being so helpfull and nice to the customers. Persons like Daniel Consuegra are the ones that makes a problem so nice to customers and feeling to go back next time there is car problems, and recommend your store to friends and relatives and and will increase your business, thank you again for hiring people like Daniel.

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Some Common Sense


sadly, for THOUSANDS of GOOD compliments that PEPBOYS, or ANY other repair shop for that matter, does on a daily basis, the only ones people EVER hear about are, sadly, the bad experiences!

so, to you, THANK YOU! from EVERY technician out there that does not get to hear it enough!


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