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Today morning I noticed a coolant hose break in my car and then I took appointment with Pep Boys at 2.00 PM, I reached on time, in spite they made me to wait for one hour.

A lady called susan asked me whats the problem, i said there is a breakage in coolant hose, she said then you need to do Coolant leakage servicing, I said the problem is visible so no need to do the coolant leakage.

Then I asked if there is any headlight bulbs, which are brighter than my existing one.....she simply said you have to replace your bulbs and charged for bulbs and replacing charges, after they replaced i checked the bulbs, to my wonder the bulbs which were before were good than they provided, then i said to replace with my old bulbs.....but they charged me for that..

I asked to check if the oil level is good or not.....but to my wonder....they changed the oil, even when its not required.

I paid 109 for oil change and bulbs replacement. The problem I went for is not solved, she says they dont have the hose and they need to call the dealer for it for which she didnt even checked what the parts name or number is.

They checked out me at 6.00 while they were closing, total 4 hours i was at the servicing center. I reached home and i opened the hood to check if any leakage is there.....but I noticed something wierd.....the head bulbs are hanging.....they didnt fix them and I have been charged for it. For my bad, I immediately called them and asked them to fix them, and I get a harsh answer saying they are closed and I have to come back tomorrow, and tomorrow morning I have to drive 30 miles from my home to aiport at morning 4.00 AM. I requested them badly to fix it and they asked me to come to the service center within 5 minutes, where I rushed and a store manager comes to me and says, we cannot do anything now....you have to come tomorrow morning to get this fixed......

Please suggest me what I have to do.......I am in helpless situation....

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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You also couldn't be *** to construct proper english. Sometimes I wonder where the *** do retards (like you) find a job that pays enough money that you imbeciles can afford to get ripped off a bazillion dollar paying someone else to screw on a *** light blub.

The amount of time and effort you spend *** with broken English, you could have learned to do the same thing yourself. The same could said about a lot of basic car maintance and even repairs.

Lucky, I know how to screw in lightbulb on my car. Oh wait that's because I took the time to learn to work on my car.

So well that I get paid to work on other peoples car. Thank god I don't do it professionally because I wouldn't be able to enforce my policy of no retards allowed. If you don't know how to change your own oil or install a light blub then chances are the car is neglected cause you were to cheap to pay someone else and too dumb to do it yourself. Then only when something finally breaks you go get it fixed.

The chances of me doing of doing a brake job and have idiots come back saying its my fault cause their clutch got worn is too high with the amounts of *** car owners these days.

That being said, *** that noise. Just be glad nobody sold you a blinker fluid job.

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