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I went into a Pepboys recently for a simple oil change. First of all that took over 5 hours to do and by then I knew something was wrong.

So they finally finish my car and I drive it home. I can smell a strange order but I am not a mechanic and figured it may be some oil that spilled from the recent job. My husband goes to drive the car and the odor get more intense. They lost my oil stick and replaced it with puddy.

A simple oil change turns into over $500 bucks in damage. The engine had to be flushed and they are still not sure if more damage was done. My daughter was in the car, what if it would have caught on fire due to their neglegance. Okay and when we get there all of a sudden no one in the entire store speaks English, which baffles me because this is America.

Although I was compensated monetarily for the damage no one offered an apology, they just simply shrugged it off to one another in hopes that I would get out of there and believe me NEVER EVER EVER go back. PEPBOYS SUCK and this experience teaches me a valuable lesson.

They treated me as if I had done something wrong and because I was a woman they hoped that I would have waited a while and then they could have said it was my fault.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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This is 2009 women have more power then men. Don't say they tried to take you because your a women.

Unless they can't tell your a women.

Maybe you should tell them. At least that's what my girlfriend tells me to wright.


yes not true. you are a *** lady.

it would be very hard to lose a dip stick. and putty is a good one. new one i must say but funny at that too.

people like her think after they get service done everything in the world must be going wrong. every non existant smell or noise is miraculously intensified.


I agree...story is total BS. A dip stick can be bought anywhere...and how did they lose it?

Putty???...WTF!!!! I've worked in automotive shop for almost 7 years and believe this story to be total horse ***


nice putty story ***. no one believes that ***

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