Miami, Florida
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Today I went to the PepBoys store located in Miami Lakes Fl to purchase a water pump for my car.

Well, they only had one employee behind the parts counter, it was the Parts Manager, a fellow by the name of Aquiles. I couldn't believe this Parts Manager, he didn't have the slightest idea on how to even use their computer to look up parts. I then asked for the Store Manager, and guess what, the lady that labeled herself as the Store Manager didn't know either. They actually invited me around the counter and I had to look up my own parts, after providing him with the part number he had no idea were to find it or if they had it in stock, unbelievable.

Needless to say, I left pissed and without a water pump.... For years I owned an Auto Parts store myself, I can not imagine having an untrained employee dealing with the public, much less a manager. In my personal opinion, a Manager must know ALL aspects of the operation.

Wake up PepBoys, start training your managers, or you will continue to loose business to the competition, this time around I ended up going to Advance Auto and not only they had competent employees, they also had the parts in stock. And yes, you guessed right, I'm not going back to PepBoys again.

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I have vacation homes in Miami, Orlando and Pigeon Forge, Tn. Miami is the worst place by far when it comes to customer service. Orlando is somewhat better, but Tn is by far the best place, most employees in Tn go out of their way to help you, the same goes for rural Georgia.


Wow, you sure whine alot. It is common knowledge that people only threaten to sue because they are loud mouth losers. Nobody actually goes through with it because it costs too much.


you can email me at had timing belt fixed on my truck and paid 1034.90 what i was charged for the parts were less at the counter. i think you should make it up to some rebate or some money back or i will be apart of the lawsuit and contacting BBB after 10 complaints your rating drops to an F and you have well more complaints but I will noify everyone of these 280 plus complaints and notify them who they can talk to BBB and so own and follow up with a letter and phone call to the press.


wellit sounds like something should be done mr.district manager..I will no long shop o have work done at pepboys and spreading the word goes along way.... :(


Untrained managers are a reflection of the district managers like me. They will only be as good as there district managers. So in Dallas the Managers are better than any other managers in the country and thats a fact.

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