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Brakes were making noise, so I took my car to pep boys. They said it needed new brakes and rotors, so I said go ahead with the work.

It was a few cents short of $600. In 2 days, the car sounded the same, so I took it back to pep boys, and waited 5 hrs. while they went to another for parts. Took car back again in about 3 months after it was making noise for weeks.

I could not believe that there was another problem with them. This time they said they had to cut the rotors, because the the steel they used is junk, and does not hold up to salt. The car was only driven on salted roads 2 times during this period. Guess what?

The car front brakes are now making a grinding noise, and I will try a different location.

If no success then I will have lost the $600, because now I will trade the car in cause I don't want to drive it with bad brakes. Will never do brakes at pep boys again.

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Your going to trade a car in because it needs brakes? Must be a hunk of junk if it isnt worth putting new brakes on.

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