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this is the second complaint re; my original complaint. my name is Charles Barstow 630-514-2299.

after filing a complaint on this web site, i was called by tom (not sure which tom) from the naperville, il store who had left a message on my voicemail on friday 9/2/11 @ 11:12:50 to call him back to discuss my complaint. i returned the call @ 3:15 and spoke to the other tom was told he was on a test run, can he call you back, i said yes and gave him my info. i did not receive a return phone call. i than called back on sat 3 times and was put on hold once for 9 minutes, than 7 minutes and ended up just haning up.

the third time i called i was told he is in the shop with a customer can you hold and i said no and explained who i was and than was told to "gimme a minute and i will get him for you". after being on hold for 6 minutes i hung up thinking " well he will call back when he is done. i have still not gotten a return call for him. this is truly the worst experiance i have ever had.

not to mention the oil change was only an oil change, no tire pressure check , no lubeing zerk fittings, no brake fluid check or anything. the worst place................

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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u need to get a life, bra


Im a F4660t


Im a ***.


By the way, I forgot to mention. I'm going to stand here and jiggle my enormous man t i t s until Tom returns my call.


I'm just kidding, I'm a complete ***. my name is charles barstow.

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