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I was traveling with my handicapped mother on June 11 2008 and All of my antifreeze leaked out on the parking lot. I was out of town also.

A nice man helped me put water in the car and told me where pep boys was. I went there and explained my situation to a young man and he could not be bothered with me or my problem, he said it would be 3 hours before he could even look at my car.

I explained about my mother and he didnt care one bit. I had to go elsewhere in the heat.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #17047

There must have been people wanting service before you. Just because your mother is handicaped does that mean he should ignore the other customers and serve you reguardless of your place in line.

Shame on you for using your mother\'s handicap to your advantage. Shame on her for teaching you to use her handicap to your advantage.

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