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My car stops completely on the road when taking my wife to the hospital (she is pregnant). I am a frequent Pepboys Consumer, so I have them tow it to "My" Pepboys.

They did a no crank diagnostic on it and decided to do a tune up and flush my system totaling more than 700 dollars (which we had to borrow from family). They didn't check the ignition coils and sure enough right after I drove off the lot the thing was misfiring. I brought it back and they did another diagnostic (89 dollars)and replaced one ignition coil and the plate bringing my total spent over 1k.

When i asked why they didn't just do that in the beginning they told me that they only did something to get the car to run, but I informed them specifically that when I brought the car in that I wanted the car RIGHT. Needless to say the car is misfiring more because they still only did part of the job.

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I had this happen to me a few weeks ago on a 95 Ford contour that has never had a problem and I am only the second owner and I also new the original owner for many years. I would drive my car and it would just shut off as I was driving it.

I had to fined a place that can run a OBDI test on it and it was free!!!! I then found out it was my ignition control module on my car and it took me about a week to fined that part for my year. any ways it fixed my problem and what i am saying is if YOU LIVE NEAR THE BRANDON,FL AREA LOOK UP RICK'S AUTOMOTIVE CENTER IN BRANDON HE IS GREAT AND WILL DO ANY DIAGNOSTIC TEST FOR FREE HE DOSE NOT CHARGE TO TEST YOU'R CAR.



Common problem with cars misfiring and backfiring is BAD SPARK PLUGS WIRES!!!

Esp happens on Ford trucks and Ford XPLR's.

If your auto/truck has over 70K miles on it - change the OEM spark plugs to regular single gap Platinum's, and change the spark plug wires as well, and your mileage will even improve!!

I've proved it many a times to people with the same problem, and even had it happen to my 1993 XPLR so I know this for a FACT!

That is why I have lifetime Pepboys Spark Plug Wires on it, and have had to replace them FREE at least once since the new ones went on. Runs flawless and gets 22 mpg highway on cruise control. No BS either!!


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Some Common Sense

and to the 2 derogatory remarks... kiss my *** !!!

i have, since my last post, subscribed to this site, so that jerks like the 2 i am referring to, are not able to use my name

(hopefully, due to the fact that the best this person could do is come up with the childish remark they did, are unable to think good enough to use my screen name again)

Some Common Sense

i understand your frustration. but please let me give you a little piece of advise. even though you may still be upset, this is for the future, wether you go back to pepboys or not, this is good for ANY repair shop. if you have a problem, no matter what it is, let them check it out, then what ever the result is, it will get them on the hook for it. a "tune-up" is not what it used to be! long gone are the good old days when ALOT of stuff was done during a tune-up.

these days, no matter where you get your car repaired, a tune-up is basically just replace the spark plugs and VISUALLY check certain items, ie... plug wires, air filter, fuel filter, throttle body, etc...

if you have a engine running complaint, let them run the diagnostic FIRST, then if they say JUST a tune-up, and thus doesnt fix your problem, and you have to return for same issue, you CAN (with the right head on your shoulders, meaning NOT being argumentive TOO much) get them on the hook for repairing the vehicle(up to a certain limit mind you, no repair shop will fix hundreds of dollars worth of repairs for free) but in your case, to keep a customer happy, they most likely would have replaced a coil free.

but when goin back for complaint, use your head! going in all upset, which you would have the right to do, but yelling and so forth will only make THEM upset also, nothing will ever get accomplished like this. try using a cool head when you complain. be calm, try and talk things out with the manager first, if that doesnt resolve your issue, go to a different manager. maybe on a different day. even though service manager runs the shop, store manager does have a say so if service manager is not working that day.

just try it out, please, being nice, even when your upset, goes alot further!

i am a ase certified master tech with over 30 years experience in the field. and i can tell you first hand how to handle MOST situations within the shop operations and what to do/not to do to get things done


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I would understand if my car was having problems beforehand... but...

it was not... like i said... it just happened... plus, when i got it back it ran for a day before misfiring...

then i went in and they did another diagnostic... So, my attitude is aresult to having to come back after they supposedly did a TUNE UP to fix my PROBLEM... since when do you not replace or check the old *** ignition coils??

they new they were the original coils... they just were trying to get the car to work, but they did not do a full tune up but charged me for it.


what people don't seem to understand is that a NO START is JUST THAT! how is a mechanic/technician supposed to know how your vehicle runs BEFORE it died?

i don't know your situation... but MOST people will NOT tell the tech tat their car ran poorly for a day/week(s)/months prior to vehicle not starting. then.. after getting the vehicle started (SOMETIMES COSTING SEVERAL $100'S) the vehicle RUNS THE SAME AS WHEN IT DID BEFORE THE VEHICLE STOPPED RUNNING!

and so the customer gets all upset because they spent alot of cash "FIXING" (so they think" ALL of their problems!

i have been inside NUMEROUS repair shops over the years and i see this type of attitude EVERYPLACE! NOT just PEPBOYS!

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