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We took our car to fix Ac, picked up car. Ac didn't work like they said.

So we took it right back, they said it was the Ac controls. They we help us out by just charging $200.00 for the part and no charge for labor. We decided to get the part our-self, which was of course half the price. Anyway, well that wasn't it either.

So we spent 3 weekends going back and forth, they wanted us to leave car. They had decided it was know doubt the evaporator, which is another $800.00. We had already spent almost a grand the first visit. We did have them put tires on the first visit.

So almost $1,400 later we have spent another $800. We decided to get a second opinion and took it to Ice Cold Air. It wasn't the evaporator, that Pep Boys were positive it was. Ice Cold Air charged us $118 to fix the AC problem.

Haven't had a problem since it blows cold, cold air. We will never, ever take a vehicle to Pep Boys on 434 and 1792 again. They are the biggest rip-offs ever.

Ice cold air in Altamonte springs is where to go. Their so nice and very honest people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Installation.

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:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Wow, auto tech, you must work for an independent. Every shop has the potential to have bad/incompetent or *** employees.

They all have the potential to have good/competent and very intelligent employees.

I always tell my friends to find a good mechanic, not a shop. Said good mechanic has to work for a decent shop and once found you should follow him/her around.


Chain auto shops are only interested in your money; and lack competent technicians. Find a reputable, local, independent shop.

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