Mahwah, New Jersey
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I went in for a front alignment. I waited 1hr 45min to be told that I needed $992.73 worth of work.

Parts= $342.56 Labor = $483.99 tax= $64.94. My car is a 2002 PT Cruiser with 62k on it. I baby my car. Any noise, shimmy or anything i'm looking for or fixing.

The guy didn't even blink when he told me the price. This is the 2nd time I tried to use them and they gave me a B.S. quote! This place should be investigated by the Better Business people.

Do these guy really think people are that ***? Just by looking at my car you can tell it is maitented very well! I will never use or shop at this place again! When I called their "contact Us" phone number the lady was like "whatever"!

Whatever you do avoid this place!! I will be scanning the B.S.

estamate and posting it on my FACEBBOOK and other internet sites!

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fix your car yourself then next time you crybabies.......... :cry


stop crying you you cry like that to your doctors...the problem is you have a piece of *** pt boozer you ***....ahhhhh haaaaaaa :cry


My car overheated the day after Christmas on the way to Abilene, TX from Houston, Texas. I was in the middle of no where.

(Comanche, TX) It was my water pump I was certain and I turned the car off as soon as it overheated and had it towed to Abilene. (75 miles - $260). I took it to Pep Boys. They called me back within a half hour after they had the car to tell me that the head was cracked and that it was going to be $3000 to fix it.

I did not have $3000 to fix it and I needed to go back to home the next day. So I rented a U-Haul and towed my car 400 miles home ($400 to rent U-haul and tow dolly and $120 gas). I took it to my regular mechanic and low and behold- it was the water pump. I even paid the extra money to have the head and the block checked for a crack and there was not one.

My regular mechanic also mentioned that there is not a diagnostic to check for a cracked head that can be done that quickly. (Oh – I forgot to mention that Pep Boys charged me $38 diagnostic fee) Pep Boys knew I was stranded, knew I needed to get home and they were one of very few places open the day after Christmas. I will never ever go to Pep Boys or let anyone I know go to Pep Boys. If anyone has any info/advice on how to report them and get them to pay for some of the cost that I incurred because of them please tell me.

I am desperate and broke!!!!!!!!!! :( :cry



Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #90364

i just got charged $550.00 to replace a coolant reservoir and an upper and lower radiator hose and thermostat. they used after market parts and charged a total of $255.00 for the parts alone.

i looked up ford oem parts and had a hard time coming up with $144.00 for the parts.

they were pretty high on the labor, too ... no more pep boys for me !!!

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