If you think Pep Boys gives bad service you ought to work for them!!!!If you are over 40 you are really considered dead meat with them. They allow their area Managers to treat employees really TRASHY.

The store I worked in had a female service manager that just happened to have a questionable relatinship with the area mgr, she really treated people bad that were below her. This company needs a major H.R. overhaul! Pep Boys really don't care if you know parts or cars they want the cheapest body they can find.

They expect you to do all this online training, not even good training, then they rais *** if you don't get your work done. P_ep Boys is a JUNK place to work.

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When I worked at PB a few years back, there were two clowns in charge of service for the northeast- Vic and Bert, these two individuals were extremely abusive to employees...I hope they both have been fired since then, both are not fit to run a snackbar...Bert would call asking for report information when there would be a line of customers- when I told them I would need to call him back because of the people I was waiting on he said that he was more important


HAHAHAH....maybe you should have done your modules and could have reported her correctly. Thats what training is for to learn what you need to know to take care of situations. Your such a fool


U know u were one of the laziest ones there. U made no effeortto help customers better.

All u did was watch others and complain about what they did or didn't do. Please, get over it already.

Look in the mirror and that's the reason u failed. Good luck


There are some companies who give no notice to employees, walk in one day, then fire them. If u don't like the pay, go find another job.

If u don't like the way the place is run, again go find another job. If u are expecting a paycheck to stand around and come up with assumptions of upper management, then u need to expect to get fired.

People it's not the company, it's the employees. Quit *** and get to work!!!


the biggest problem with pep boys and most large auto chains is they don't want to pay an experienced person that has a vast knowledge of cars to run their service desk. they think they can just throw anyone with a heartbeat up at the desk and pay them 8 bucks an hr and everything will be ok... believe it or not there are quite a few good techs and mechanics that work there it is just alot of mistakes that are made at the desk or the people at the desk are too lazy to communicate with the customer or right up a work order the right way and it makes the mechanic look bad when their problem is not fixed


Sickofdumbpeople, you are a *** ***. Eat ***


Based on the way they treat customers, I'm not surprised they treat employees this way. It's indicative of a BAD culture.


Wow you must have been one of those people who didn't know anything about cars and got mad cause you couldn't make money. There's a reason you are over 40 and can't keep a job.

Loser. Stop hating on people and just cause a female has a male boss doesn't mean anything is in question.

I'm glad you don't like working for that company since you're so incompetent and complain to receive pay for getting trained on a computer to help you do a job. good luck unemployed loser...

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