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I took my car to Pep Boys for tires and and an alignment. The alignment was done improperly so I rescheduled for a second alignment, then a third and a fourth-on the fourth time the service rep stated that "oh the alignment machine was broken but it's ok now." Meanwhile on the third visit I came back because my car was making this loud noise.

The store mgr said, "it could be my shocks," "I replied and said these are new shocks" and the mgr said "hmph they go bad too." Come to find out my left rear shock is broken how did he know that, it was'nt broken when I brought it in but now all of a sudden it is.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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"it was'nt broken when I brought it in but now all of a sudden it is." Are you fukin serios?!?! YEA im sure the ASE tech is back in the shop with a blow torch and a *** saw...

:( WTF are you thining dude?!? Its customers like you who makes me wana *** all over the back seat of your car!

Warrington Township, Pennsylvania, United States #14919

As consumers we are easy pickings for those who have the goods to sell but lack the integrity to provide honest services. The technology in todays car make it impossible for us to know our cars through "weekend tinkering".

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #13694

So take it to who ever put on your shock and have it replaced. FFS, I don't know of any brand of shock that DOESN'T have a lifetime warranty.

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