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Today I visited the Pep Boys

Located at 845 South Fry Road Katy TX 77450,for AC

work. Over the phone was told to look over my AC would cost $55 and the cost

included 5 quarts of Antifreeze. I told the person

That the air comes out but

Is not cold. At the store after

They checked the AC I was told they needed to check

The Engine because the

Engine light was on I told

Them that was due to another problem. I asked if

They guarantee the work and if that would fix the problem I was told yes to both questions

That added

An $90 and they came back to me to again say that it was not the problem and I needed additional work done. I realized I was being

Lied to and taken advantage of. I told them I could not afford the total of &450. I said no I have to go to my regular mechanic. Who close early for the holiday. I paid

Them $156.85 and left. I am so hurt and upset that a company can stil do this to someone. I need my car for work and I don’t have extra

Money, I help my daughter

Who is Divorced and she

has a Chronic Illness

And small children, we

Just brought the children things for school. I am also

Divorced so this is hard for

Me. Don’t go to this location

Are all the Pep Boys like this

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