Dallas, Texas
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First of all get an education. You can not get either Hep C or HIV by touching blood.

It has to mix with your BLOOD. because it is a blood born pathagen. hello...please don't make all of us look *** in Texas. Yes they should have cleaned it up.

But *** your gloves and do some research. You have to have an open wound that the blood gets into to infect you. I am not defending the store but you are being absolutely ridiculous.

Sounds like to me that you are trying to drum up a lawsuit. With the internet when research is so simple i van not believe tha someone still believes that you can get HepC or HIV so easily.

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Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #15114

I responded to this *** stupidity thinking the same thing. Just another freak weirdo f-loon, with his hand out.

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