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bought the definity ex600 tires that where suppose to last for 75000 miles they said they are the best Made in THE USA by Copper or they will prorate them they lasted a great 25000 miles and then had the nerve to charge me another $40.00 for the prorate. and another for $45.00 per tire for other fees, balance install and hazard what a rip off they must be crooks and then told me I couldn't take my car unless I replaced two tires..

under state law..... they should be in jail...

to hold ones car hostage but no one in state govt gives two *** about the little guy.. guess will have to find some good tires made in china

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Rotated and allaigned vehicle as required. Still only got 20,000 out of 50,000 mile tire!! Maybe, just maybe the tires are not near as good as advertised.


I had 60k tires and with good maintenance I put 106k miles on them before I had to but new ones. Rotate every 10k miles and alignment every 6 mos. Spring and fall


maybe you should have rotated YOUR, the customer, accepts a certain responsibility to maintain you tires- feel fortunate they are even pro-rating them, don't blame them for your irresponsibility :grin


Hey *** no tires are supposed to last the amount of miles stated...when a tire says 75000 or 60000 mile warranty it just means that the mfg warrants that tire from defects throughout that imbeciles always assume *** and always wants stuff free. I bet ur *** that u never rotated those tires which offer free rotations. Now u upset cuz ur tires wasted prematurely on ur unaligned vehicle and cudnt get *** away me I worked for firestone for 6 yrs and see ppl like u everyday..quit complaining and follow the systems...good rotations and good alignment prolongs tire life....( my current 40,000 tire has around 55,000 on it and still has another 10,000 miles on it)

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