Monticello, Indiana
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I agree with alot of the things that i am reading about pep boys. Having worked there for two years you begin to wonder if your on the wrong team.

Customer dosen't mean *** to alot of guys i work with. They just wanna stand around and do nothing. I am the commercial manager at the store where I work. I try my hardest to give my customers e best price that I can.

But I am constantly getting harrased for giving to cheap of price. They started this never say no price thing. Well why the *** am I telling my customers I can't price match anything. Whats the deal there.

And the whole thing with not giving ANYONE rasies but the CEO of the company walks away with 17 million in a bonus.

What a bunch of B.S. PEP BOYS also dosent give a *** about there emplyees, let alone their customers.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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if you purchased tires at pep boys and were charged for TMPS valves you more than likley did not get this item instaled. at the store i work at they are rarley installed but always charged to customers if required.$40.00 avg. price for 4pc


I am a proud *** Man that werks for pepboys.


Pepboys is the Bottom Feeder of the Automotive Industry.

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