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Sunday November 22, 2009 My wife and I went in and asked the sales mgr. to fix a tire under warrenty that had an object stuck in the tread.

Tghis was to have been a simple 10 / 15 min. repair.

The mgr. came to me 10/15 min later and told me the nail/? was too close to the side wall and the tire had to be replaced.

I agreed and about 30 min later I was given my car back with a replaced tire. The total cost was $46.08 vs. $0 for repairing the old tire that was under road hazard insurance.

I asked for the old tire to be placed in the rear of the car.

At this time the repair man told me it is not a nail but a peice of wire stuck in the tread and it did not puncher into threw the tire.

I told the mgr. about this and he said it is better to be safe than sorry.

After I removed the tire at home, I pulled the wire out, I have to agree with the repair man.

The wire only stuck in the tread sideways.

I realize the economy is not doing well, but to screw long time customers just to get a sale is symply dishonest nor should have been replced.


PEPBOY store #0741 on Nacogdoches Rd. in San Antonio Texas should not be trusted

Certainly if an object was in the side wall and it caused a slice/crack/ or hole it should be replaced.


None of this happened to my tire!

This was a simple *** loyal customer.

Shame on you PEPBOY

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Typical for Pep Boys. My tire went bad with only 7,000 miles on it, and the employee said 100% tread.

Unfortunately, the tire for which I paid $54 cost $160 only 6 short months later.

I had to pay about $100 because they prorated the price I paid, not the current price.


They prorated my tire alright, but the tires had the SAME tread depth as the new one on display but they wouldn't listen to that they could only go by what their computer said the tread depth was, they told me the tread depth was less on the out side of the tire than on the center , well it's not a *** tractor tire , a new Ventus V4 tire is contoured , so they wouldn't measure the tire on display and I had to pay $70 bucks for a "NEW" road hazard and mounting etc. SO the road hazard is bogus .

My tires are only a few months old. STAY AWAY FROM PEP BOYS.


WRONG- *** - *** - I worked for Pep Boys. Road hazard only gives you free flat repairs.

THAT IS IT! Tires can be prorated based on mileage, or tread depth regardless. Free flat repairs are free only if it is repairable, THAT IS IT. Otherwise it will be prorated.

WOW- It is all in your paperwork that you get at checkout people! If everyone had a nail or wire or whatever and got a free tire- tire centers would go out of bisiness! Christ!

If your cheeseburger @ Burger King doesn't smell right- you aint gettin another cheesburger- OK. Live with it and don't be so *** CHEAP!!!!!


Road hazard does not mean you get a new tire it is a prorate off of the tire tread life remaining or milage warr,If no rh warr had been purchased he would have had to pay full price although it was not fair that he was told it was in the sidewall if it was not


Road hazard is pro rated. Depending on how much tread is left on your tires = how much you get off a new tire. Read your paperwork.


If the tire had road hazard it should not have cost you anything to replace it.

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