Louisville, Kentucky

First thing got there at 8 am only one employee working . Now its 10 am and they finally look a tires has nail in it, said nail in a non fixable spot.

Could sell me another tire for $150.00 dollars what about road hazard only applies to tires if you had just left store and got a flat in parking lot. Road hazard a joke. Big o would had replaced tire and been on my way.

This is second incident with pep boys servce center fool me twice shame on me. I could break down in front of a pep boys in pouring rain in twenty degree weather and walk a mile to another parts store before I would go into another pep boys.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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big O, sears, sts, nobody gives away free tires even if their under warranty. what u have is a pro rated amount.

if pep boys gave away free tires for old damaged ones they or anybody else would be out of business in 3 days. good luck at big o

Medford, New Jersey, United States #637688

Road hazard covers any non-repairable tire. Measurements are taken from remaining usefulness of tread and credited towards new tire.

The less tread you have,the less credit you receive.

Make sure to rotate those tires! Its free!!

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