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I have always done business with Discount and Big O tires. I purchased a set of tires for my 2008 Chevy Silverado on completive pricing. I chose PEP Boys because of the advertizing. I asked the Service person that sold me the tires if the road hazard was free replacement and he said yes, bring it back and we will take care of it NO CHARGE. I had a side wall puncture on one of my tires in 110 deg heat. Don't know what caused it but needless to say the sidewalls are very thin on the Dakota HT Tire.

My wife took the truck in to have the tire replaced and let me state that there was no measureable tread wear. To my complete dissatisfaction, she was charged for a new warranty and for the mount and balance. In addition they did not put the hub cap back on and gave me back some one else's paper work. When I called to complain I was very aggressively schooled that the warranty is free replacement for 90 days and after that you are prorated on tread ware and you they only replace the tire you have to pay for everything else again.

I can tell you that BIG O has a true free replacement road hazard because I've had tires replaced for free when they only had 3/32 tread left.

Don't trust PEP Boys and if you do go there read the fine print and don't trust the word of any MANAGER. Discount Tire and Big O are much better places to buy tires and get service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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yet again, if you are the consumer and you do not understand something it is your job to ask questions. At best, at least read the warrenty information come on people.


This is my first response to this Pep Boys Employee, that is unable to show true professional qualities and his responses to Leroy are what one would expect from this company and their values. As a person that worked in the Automotive industry for a number of years and in a tire care center.

It is real easy to say what you have said if that is the only out you have. Customers depend on honesty in their care centers, reading the fine print is something most people do not have time to do. If I ask you what you are selling, if you are a company with integrity then you would tell me the truth. If I was wrong then why did Pep Boys refund the money after making the complaint?

These tires were bought at the Pep Boys on Main Street in MESA (AJ). To add to this complaint I replaced these tires after only having 8000 miles on them because I had two more flats and both tore the tire beyond repair and both holes were made by a sheet rock screw.

Why would you call a tire a (LT tire) Light Truck tire and then make it so cheap that any puncture would tear the tire. Bottom line is good tires and honesty can be found at better service centers and tire brands than Pep Boys.


U can not blame anyone but yourself that u did not read your warranty. Yes there is a free road hazard replacement period of 90 days.

There was also on your warranty page the 5 other ways a tire can be pro-rated or adjusted. The separation warranty covers any amount of 32nds left at the time of separation, unless it's just worn all the way down the baldness. U are at fault for not reading what you paid for and asking more questions about warranties.

Quit blaming other people for your mistakes. And pep boys employees are not losers, we just get tired of ignorant consumers who can't read.

Childress, Texas, United States #214195

ok apparently leroy jenkins is a pep boys employee which makes him a worthless loser

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